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Will I ever sleep Again?

Do you ever ask yourself if you’ll ever get a full night’s sleep again, or when it’ll get better because you’re still waiting for your baby to sleep through the night?

Maybe you’re feeling totally agitated due to your sleepless nights and fear that you’re not fully enjoying your little one from the exhaustion. So tired that even the term “He slept like a baby” has a completely different meaning to you now?

If you related to what I said and want to know the secret to guide your baby to sleep through the night, then you are definitely in the right place!

Say hi to Sara

Hi! My name is Sara Abaza, a certified pediatric sleep consultant and a mother of two wonderful boys. As the founder of SNUGGBERRY, I want to provide parents with the tools that helped change my babies’ sleeping patterns and my life!

My Story

Sleepless New Mom to Sleep Expert

Before I started the incredible journey that is motherhood, I often worried how I was going to raise my baby with little sleep. So, I started my research and found the Sleep Sense™ Program that changed my life.

I brought back sleep to the entire family in just 3 days! Because the program worked so well with my first child, who would only sleep while being bottle fed and would wake up several times during the night, I knew that I was not going to wait to start as soon as my second baby arrived.

With the desire to sleep train my second boy from day one, I also wanted to breastfeed him because I did not get the chance to do so with my firstborn. However, life doesn’t always go as planned and my second boy was born with a severe reflux problem. This made me postpone sleep training until the reflux got better. He was exclusively breastfed which made me happy, but once again, I was going through sleepless nights because he would only find comfort sleeping while being held.

The good news was that it didn’t take long until we had the reflux under control, and so I was able to start his sleep training. Through all the struggle and the wait, it was a huge success and changed my life once again! Having struggled with topics such as breast feeding, reflux, colic, as well as bottle feeding to sleep, I know what other mothers may feel, and therefore know exactly how my own experiences and extensive knowledge and understanding can help many different cases.

My own experiences inspired me to undergo comprehensive trainings and extensive mentoring that offered me a wide variety of tools and knowledge which I will pass on to you. Through my expertise I will help you teach your child self-soothing skills that will help them learn how to go back to sleep independently. This program has helped more than 100,000 parents and that’s why I am dedicated to help you assist your children develop healthy sleeping habits with customized, step-by-step plans that will solve their sleeping problems and get you your full night’s sleep once again.

Ready to get started?

Find out more about my sleep packages that are designed to help you and your family get the sleep you need.

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