Newborn – Basic Sleep Plan


A basic plan that will help you prepare your newborn for healthy sleep habits.


This package is designed for families that are expecting a new baby soon or for those who have just welcomed their little one.

Kindly Note: The purpose behind the newborn sleep consultation is to train and educate families about sleep for newborns and grant them with tools to create healthier sleep habits.

However, it is not meant to help newborn babies sleep through the entire night. Each newborn baby has a different development process, and some babies are not ready to sleep for longer periods until they are older.

  • Private, 90-minute online consultation (via zoom)– During this consultation, we will review your sleep plan in detail. We will discuss sleep strategy approaches that best suit your situation, troubleshoot possible challenges, and learn how to address bedtime, naptime, night waking’s, or any other specific issues you might have questions about.
  • Nursery/bedroom assessment – Assessment for your baby’s room for safe sleeping and to meet the most soothing sleep environment.
  • Detailed, personalized sleep plan and schedule – Designed for your child based on their own general information such as age and weight; but also created to address your specific family needs and sleep habits.
  • 4 Follow-up phone calls – divided throughout the sleep plan.
  • 2 weeks of email support  – Email support for the first 2 weeks of implementing your sleep plan. I will respond to emails within 1 business day

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Newborn – Basic Sleep Plan