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Click below to find out what the happy families that I have worked with are saying about Snuggberry and the Sleep Sense™ program.

“Working with you Sara was the best choice I’ve done in my life! Having a baby and lacking sleep all my pregnancy and then when Alex was born it was even worse. People say he will eventually sleep which wasn’t the case at all. I waited 1 year and 3 months and finally the best decision was contacting you. SAVINGGG MY LIFE. I can’t believe there was such an amazing program to make my life this much easier and better. Without your support and amazing knowledge I couldn’t have done it! Sara you are the best and I really can’t explain it! Anyone who is struggling with a child should definitely approach your unconditional help and amazing support. Your truly the best!! Alex and I love you for making both our lives the best!”

– Claudine K. From Lebanon

“I would love to talk about my experience with choosing Sara as my boy’s sleep consultant. My son is 4 years old and wouldn’t fall asleep on his own I had to sleep next to him and wait till he’s asleep before leaving his room. He also used to wake up so many times in the middle of the night and sleep next to us at night. Sara solved all of these issues and “lhamdellah” I found fast results in less than 10 days. My son’s bedtime schedule is now organized which resulted in a more organized day schedule too. She was very supportive, Sara put all her heart and energy into helping me and giving me all the support. I’m pregnant at the moment and will definitely choose her service again with my girl! This time I won’t wait to start sleep training!”

– Rawanda J. From Lebanon

” It was an experience that changed my life! Before I started with the program, I had no time to do anything with little sleep, I’m sure every mom with a baby that doesn’t sleep knows how exhausting it is. When I first started I felt my goals were hard to achieve, but shockingly it took less than a week! I followed all of Sara’s instructions and the tremendous support and detail she gave me all the time helped me so much! She came up with fast, effective solutions to each problem we faced. The program is so gentle and soothing.

I thank God a thousand times for purchasing Sara’s program and choosing her to be my baby’s sleep consultant. My life’s completely changed after Sra’s program and I’m so grateful for that beautiful change in our family. My baby’s eating habit also changed for the better tremendously. My time has become organized and motherhood has become like what I had imagined it would be before the birth of my sweet girl. I truly advise every mother to work with Sara because it’s life-changing!”

– Reem H. From Germany

“For the past 8 months and a half, my son only fell asleep while taking his milk (boob or bottle) or sucking on the pacifier. Most of the times, he would wake up halfway through his nap because he wasn’t burped properly. Or the pacifier fell from his mouth.

I would have never imagined putting my son in his crib and him falling asleep on his own, without a pacifier, me rocking him to sleep or the background music.

I want to thank you Sara for encouraging me and being supportive for the past 2 weeks, always reminding me of the positive end result.

My son now sleeps 12-13 straight hours at night with 2 daily naps. He is now more energetic and (even though he’s 9 months old) I honestly feel that he is enjoying his independency in his crib.

I now have my own time to take a long hot shower, to cook lunch, to have a proper dinner with my husband, without being interrupted, and the constant fear of having to check the baby monitor.

I encourage each parent who is facing problems with their child’s sleep, to go through the program with you Sara, since it is super beneficial for both the baby and the parents.”

– Lesley H. From Lebanon.

“I had a 6 1/2 month old that was up 5 times a night. Now he sleeps 11-12 hours at night and takes two 1 1/2 hour naps each day. It is so nice to put our 10 month old in his crib and listen to him talk to his stuffed dog before he falls asleep. Within two weeks of starting the program he was sleeping through the night.”

– Beth. From USA.

“Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!! I just had my first full night of sleep in 5 1/2 months. It was the third night of implementing the program and she slept from 7:00 to 5:00 and went back down until 7:00. I am so happy I woke up crying! Thanks again! You are a lifesaver!”

– Elyce. From the USA.

“I must say the program is nothing short of a miracle…Our little baby was 5 1/2 months when we did it, and its changed all of our lives. Ryder sleeps thru the night and naps like a baby! Prior, he was up to nurse 4-5 times a night and had never really slept in his crib during the day to nap… I had to either rock him or nap with him on me… turns out the little guy loves to be in his crib! My deepest thanks.”

– Jill. From the USA.

“Since getting onto your sleep sense program, Beau has been an angel. It was hard going for about a week or two when we first started, but now he goes to bed without hesitation and sleeps well through the night. It was a blessing to my husband and me. We have regained our lives – slightly anyway and are back in the land of the living because of the sleep we now get in the night and a bit of a rest in the day.”

– Trev. From the USA.

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